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[LIFE]style® by EvolvE

Taking an intrinsic and holistic view of [LIFE]style® wellness into the home, corporate or retreat setting.

The focus is to identify your [LIFE]style® concerns and with the assistance of our specialists, set you on a path of integrated [WELL]ness® - either physically, mentally, and/or nutritionally

[The Art of Evolving...]

Our specialised programs are focused on individuals, but can be incorporated into a couple, group or corporate setting.

Create your [LIFE]style® with EvolvE.

Corporate [WELL]ness ®

Corporate [WELL]ness® should be a part of any company's awareness in how they can benefit their associates, within a healthy environment. 


Creative {WELL]ness®  initiatives, to give back to the employees. This in turn lowers medical expenses and time taken off on sick leave. Therefor benefiting the employer as well as the employee.

The EvolvE team have worked within the corporate environment and clearly understand how work stress and working long hours, diminishes an associates overall wellbeing as well as affecting a company's top line.

Our focus is to assess overall corporate requirements and deliver a package which can be immersed as a group or individual.

Key areas of focus:

  • Corporate based Nutritional Meal Plans

  • Lunch/Post Work – 45min Exercise Class – Pilates/Yoga/Flexibility/Meditation

  • Corporate [WELL]ness® Meetings

  • Stress Management Programming

  • [LIFE]style® Talks

  • [LIFE]style® RETREATS

  • Team building programs

  • Fitness/Spa Partner Discounts

Personal [LIFE]style®


Personal [LIFE]style® focuses on individuals, mental, physical and emotional [WELL]ness®. Through an initial consultation, our specialist will identify the specific concerns and create a [LIFE[style® path specific to your requirements

Nutrition by Mariana de Oliveira Dias

Nutrition is at the core of any [LIFE]style® program. It is crucial to understand how you feed your body nutritionally. Allow for feasible adjustments which benefit you and develop a plan which is easy to follow, with the greatest rewards

Personal Training

Co-partnering with some of the top fitness specialists in Hong Kong, to assist you with your fitness requirements. Be that just maintenance or a complete body make-over, let our specialists develop a detailed program to set you on the right path.

Key areas of focus:

  • Detailed [LIFE]style® Consultation

  • Exercise Program

  • Group Training

  • Guided Meditation

  • Pilates

  • Yoga

Rehabilitative Therapy

Depending on the individual rehabilitative therapy needs, our specialists will complete a full assessment, and suggest the rehabilitative path needed to make the corrections needed to alleviate physical issues. With core focus on injury management, we usually deal with patients post surgery or physiotherapy as a maintenance program to aid continued healing and stability of the injured area.

Key areas of focus:

  • Sports Injury Management

  • Soft Tissue Body Alignment

  • Sports Therapy Massage

  • Flexibility Assisted Stretching

  • Neuro Energetic Kinesiology


RE-DISCOVER you, with one of our exciting [LIFE]style® RETREATS. 

Our seasonal retreats, will take you to an exotic location where you will learn about the culture, the food, but most importantly, you will learn about you and how you can create an on-going [LIFE]style adjustment which is easy to follow and incorporate into your daily living. 

Want to learn more about our next retreat? Click on the link below, leave your contact details and we will put you onto our mailing list.

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