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The Story

EvolvE! An international wellness and leisure consulting studio - Creating integrated consulting and management solutions through technical designs, concept, product development and management services.

With years of experience across development, creation and operations, the EvolvE team brings a detailed holistic approach to each of their projects. Allowing us to deliver signature elements based on the specific needs of our clients.

The key feature that uniquely positions EvolvE as a consulting company within this market, is that we creatively & expertly facilitate development for 5* Spas, Health Clubs, Recreational, Kid's program and facilities for hotels, medical spas and individual developers. 

For us it's...

"The Art of Creation...' that infuses the vision we create, into the detail that we deliver!

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Our Valued Vision

The core vision of the EvolvE team and the services we offer, is based on key values which we embrace with every detail of the work we deliver. Therefore creating a valued vision within the team, that transpires with each of our clients and partners.


Captured within our core logo branding, we EvolvE ourselves with industry knowledge, self development and growth, so we are able to better equip and assist in evolving our projects.

A key transparent value embraced within the team. Clearly visible between the team, our clients and partners.


It's important for us to completely engage ourselves through active communication, creative development and resolutions.


Embracing the detail in what we do and deliver. Why?  It's our passion.

The EvolvEr's

Our multi-talented team has over two decades of operational and technical experience in spa, leisure and kid's programming. Assiduously collaborating in delivering world-class wellness facilities and detailed service orientated operations. With key joint partner collaborations, we have managed to diversify our services yet maintain a high standard of delivery and attention to detail.


We don't individualise ourselves or our experiences; as a team we integrate our knowledge, talents and expertise, delivering a combined effort that captures the essence of each project.

Our talent on the ground and through key partners, bring a varied number of qualifications and experience to the table. 

With backgrounds in:

  • Spa & Recreation Management & Training 

  • Psychology

  • Exercise Science

  • Kinesiology

  • Lifestyle Coaching

  • Nutrition

  • Kid's Programming

  • Technical Layout & Design (Spa, Fitness, Recreation and Kid's Facilities)

  • Specialised Pool and Wet Facility Development

  • Signature Product Development

With our global awareness and international experience, our teams focus is in capturing your vision, whilst harnessing our expert knowledge and delivering a standard of service beyond your expectations.

"The Art of Integrated Consulting..."

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